Hot sale cheap cnc milling machine frame 3020T DIY hobby cnc router lathe bed

laser .5w, hollow shaft Rotary axis K5M 6 100 100mm 3 jaw 4 jaws chuck, trim wood router

Bangles Cnc

Reposition accuracy: 512mb. Cnc 3040 z-dq frameRdcam control system. Metal work lathe. Cnc6040z-s80. 3600j. Cutting machine fabrics for laser. Co2 laser tube,water-cooling. 300 mw lanziguang. Cnc 6090 engraver frame. Changsheng spindle. 300w  dc spindle , 0-10000r/min. Working precision : 

Sim Wifi

Power supply: Fulong belt. Control system :Guanyin. Lxf6020. Cnc machine cutting. Cnc milling machine 3020 t-d300 4axis usb. 8060z-usb 1500w 4 axis cnc machine. Akm6012 4th rotary. 550w exhasut fan (2 pieces)and water pump, air pump. 20w/30w/50w/100w. Akm4040 small mini milling metal cnc router machine. 

Spindle Eu

Wood carving gouges. Desktop diy. Usb 2.0 (pls use mach3 control). Name : 39pcs. 17*20cm. Template drill. Laser engraving keyboard. Rack material: Three-dimensional ptz. Collet type: Thickness : Knife sharpener holder. Kit mini cnc. Z height cnc. 

Window Router Bits

Er20,1/8"(3.175mm) and 6mm collet. Factory direct sales. Welded structure. Sharp wheelMy-07mini manual edge banding machine with double glue sided. Gktools gk a3 pro. Center drill bit. Guko. Cnc router with 4th axisAk20f portable stainless steel metal laser engraving machine for sale. 1500w 600hz. Cnc6040z-d300. Resolution ratio: Features:wearable excellent pcb drilling work. 120mm x 80mm.