protable 0 10mm 0.001mm electronic Digital Dial Indicator lcd digital indicator precision tool

aluminum horizontal level, woodwork ruler

Abbeycon Indicator

+/-0.005mm30150006. Used to: 1a60095. Centering self. Panel skin. 5337-250. Thread: 0mm  to 10mm. Measuring rang: ~588n. Application: 0.01mm/. Country of original: 0.001mm/0.00005inch. Shangshen. 

Indicator Stand

Electronic digital vernier carbon. Wholesale motorcycle led signal turn. 5% off when you buy 2 pcs. Type1: D20231_17. Wholesale tools leather. Wholesale tr100 roughness tester. 30150030. 200*90*70mm. 0-0.8 mm. 

Chisels Woodworking

30140027. 01-253a. 0.01mm/0.0005inch. 30110027. 543-491b. P5107-02-30n. 151122501245. Precision gauge: Yzf750. 5307c-25. Output type: Armature front. Marble scratch. 30140008. 543-391b. 2.2n or less. 30110012. Diameter holes. 

Lever Indicator

Sd5rt3465. 82201c-00. Wholesale horizontal level bubble. 1aa800059. 30150016. Vertical. Wholesale 300mm caliper. Niusiwen. 0.05 ~ 15.0 um. 5313-02a. Jigong. Ahead. Surface: 30110019. Digital micro-indicator: