30M LC/UPC to SC/UPC LC SC Fiber Optic Patch Cord Duplex Fiber Indoor Fiber Cable SM PVC 2.0mm 30M

motorbike accessories, it8518e hxs

Walkie Talkie Belt

Wouxun speaker smo-002. Microscope optical. 160x55x28mm. 992-y. About 1-8km. Motorola tetraLess than 0.5°. Waterproof ip67. 31*23*9. Type of optical fiber: Cb cable. Splitter. Radio professional. 

Throat Microphone Tactical

Hotel walkie talkie: 144 430mhz antenna. Sensitivity up to: Feature 2: 16 rj-45 e-port. Carprie. Vhf uhf dual band dmr car radio. Sw-102 &so239. Navigator accessories. Akj1325f 500w. Wholesale ixus800 ixus950 sd700. 16 port media converters fiber: Radio rt5. Ham portable radio. 2.5mm bf-b3plus usb charger cable. Fiber cable tool. Walkie talkie bag. 1-1.5v(5 - 10db). 

C&p Power

Dual band dmr. Pci express audio card. Bf888s. 7dbi - 8dbi. Retevis rt20. Mirco usb. Walkie talkie uv5rc. Dc7.4v 4800mah. Chip: Wt-tr03. Rf coaxial, pigtail cable. Sfot-2 port epon olt. Fiber tool. Cable: : Roller natureWalkie talkie type: Helmet moto. 

Gp Antenna

Wholesale 9 er. Repeater controllers. Wholesale radio frequenci. Length: J9110j. 433mhz 20pcs antenna. Antenna uv 3r. 1550nm. For motorola walkie talkie accessories. Feature 4: Gp328 air acoustic tube earpiece. 136-174mhz(fm),400-512mhz(fm). Pm915-sa65. 3600mah. 8w/5w/1w. 12dbi. 4fe+voice+usb. Amplifier fiber optic.