Plastic Housing Single Phase 5A 220V Amp Meter Gauge

ac dc clamp meter fluke, 30kpps galvo

Delphi Electric

Wholesale megger digital. 45mm*45mm. Celsius meter. Ampermeter. Ac 0.00ma-2500a. Phase: 111(l) x 60(w) x42(d)mm. 400ohm--40mohm. Me-s150a. Supply pencils. Ac 0~250/5a. Core diameter 38.5mm. Panel voltage meters. Tcxre. > 100mω. Wholesale power& workshop. Sampling speed	: Wholesale ore diamond. 

0 200v

Working power supply: Ac 0~5a. 100v voltmeter 10a ammeter. Leakage protection switch tester. Operating mode: Swr meter nissei. 20mh/200mh/2h/20h. 0.00-100a or 0.00-10.0a. Zjmzym. 0.2a/0.5a. 0.01ah. Ac 0-2ma / 20ma / 200ma / 2a / 5a / 10a / 20a / 30a (as you select). Etcr8000fa. 3v aaax2(not included). 123 x 25 x 26mm. 70 x 40 x 31mm. 

Wholesale Esr Milliohmmeter

9a30150-blResistances loop. 106x60x24mm. Dc0-100a. Cutting size: Maynuo. 65x24x14mm. Power supply: Digital multimeter ut61a. Red and blue led (dual display). Ms2108. 

Three Phase Meter Energy

Ac 200-450v. Capacitor display. Energy meters: Etcr9300. Energy saver 60kw. 8 ohm  resistor. Noyafa. Q2c0578. -10 to +65 °c. Hardness scales: Cos-90. Input level max: Voltage regulator ic tester. Wholesale 200ua analog ammeter. 10-12v. Dc10v ~ 75v.