ZT 04 Alloy TSUBA menuki Japanese Sword Samurai Sword Katana Wakizashi Tanto Mountings

plush asuna, wals

Swords Medieval

Meg05. Woody. Gd030. Short sleeve. Contents of accessories kit: Blade  material : 114cm+62cm. Full tang hand forged. Men hoodies. Metallic. Fate/stay night. Necklace triangle men. Real brown leather. Silver sterling necklace men

Black Polo

Hy-227. The witcher3:wild hunt. Damascus steel. 18 inch. Sao paulos. Euro knight shield. Training sword katana. Decorative/martial art/sport. Wholesale women bags for 2017. Iron flat tsuba with glass beads. Left magic. Carbon steel rivnuts. Master of weapons. 

Sword Martial Art

Antique chinese handmade metal craft. Blacken steel. Syq1626. RegularTechnique	: Angel. Bronze. Battle rope. 33*22*10cm. Blade width: Printed t shirt. Red and black. Blade type : 

Role Rolefulliedlys

Coffee. Looker. Chinese letters. Z-9599. Folding knife japanSpider bead. Mechanics functional. Black and yellow. Wholesale trafalgar cosplay law. Japanese  tanto.