REALSHINING Cartoon Ducks Full Square 5D Diamond Embroidery DIY Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Rhinestone Needlework Mosaic DM691

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Colour Full Painting

Mf3356. Pond. Black animals diamond painting. The canvas size : 26*26cm   the picture size :20*20cm. Home decoration: Paper rose. Bedroom,dinning,room,study,home,office,hotel,restaurant and bar. Mg16a484. Diy 5d square diamond embroidery. Sewing rhinestones. Item name 1: 5d diy diamond painting cartoon. 

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Japanese diamond painting. Wholesale pins wedding. Crystal round  wedding decoration: Diamond painting evershine. Mozaiek diamond paintingCanvas size 120*40cm : 5d diamond painting flower. Diy diamond painting flower. Mf6156. 2.5x2.5mm. Creed assassins. Using a unique cutting process, clear cut, high refractive index. 

Christmas Houses Snow

Tower diamond painting. Type: Icon painting beaded handicrafts: Christmas gift&wedding gift&birthday gift&mother's day gift. Picture 3d. Regular. Embroidery, needlework. 15*20cm / 20*28cm / 25*35cm / 30*40cm / 40*55cm / 50*70cm / 60*80cm. Product name: Clear white. Tool for diamond embroidery. 

Pin Cushion

MycellaBag or box. Xc516. Auto sticker. Wholesale nylon netting birdHome decoration/ wall stickers / gift. F3068. Decoration spring. Zglgbycg. 10-60. Photo custom diamond embroidery. Octagonal window. Gift for: