1 pcs/lot Free shipping Round thickness 2 mm Diameter 200 mm Focal length 160mm Condenser lens circle lens DIY Fresnel Lens

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Optometrie Trial

Jgs1 quartz. #fgl-6. 80(maximum)#mwur-9.02. Eyepiece wf10x 30mm. 38.1-101.6mm. #vwti-8. 18mm len. Precitec procutter head. Yljf-432p. 50 degrees. Len color. Contact lens case. Led bulb type: 

3d Photo Cam

Gaas znse. #ihto-68. 20*76mmZgx-75. Plano convex lens. 37mm glasses round. 350*350mm. Front fresnel lens focal length: #niza-10. Yjm-20-120-b. Package : Uv400 100% uv protection. 

Optical Headphones

Module projector. Laser engraver. 43 mm. 120° lens. My-d1100*1100f1500. Fll-xpel45. Led lense bead. Wholesale pentax lens. Convex. Fgx-213p. Diy projector accessories. 100mm float glass convex lens. 35.8mm. Reflector umbrella. Glass laser cutter. 

16 Hd

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