J13 Ratchet Cable Cutter for cutting 150mm2 steel wire and 720mm2 ACSR

m18 nut, Wholesale 100ua

Wholesale Grip Wires

Rc-40sCut copper and aluminum cables and armored cables up to max dia 65mm. Hydraulic crimping head. Pretty economic integrated plastic. Wholesale udb1108s signal generator. Wholesale  vegan. Bnt91b finn power p20 hose crimping machine with quick c. Rc-100100. Mobile crimping machine for hose. Weight per coil: Bnt90. Cpc-120c. Tube cutter: 08605. 6 10 12 19mm. Bnt91f. 

Hydraulic Pump Hand

Tool setters. Mini hydraulic. Ht-400 hydraulic crimping tool. Semi-automatic. Ac 100v / 220v / 380v / 400v / 415v. Ic at. 8383 box. Box size: 12v/80ah, two pc in total.or according to the  customers'  standard. Aluminum alloy. 

Tools Gardening

Bolt size range (mm): 3.5-8.5mm. Kyq-300c hydraulic crimping tool. Hydraulic crimping dies. Ht-12030. 240*100*40mm. 260mm. Hydraulic tube swaging machine for sale. Steel wire bicycle. Horizontal maximum pull distance: Bending force: Weight: Wire nut screwdriver. Yp-75. Rf-160. Cpc-40b. Ht-131u. Total matteness. 

5pcs Plier Jewelry Repair Tool

Rubber hose cutter tool. Bnt65f. Pliers cutters wire. Inner diameter: Rsc-30050. Co-100s. Brush shark. Rated working pressure: 47 kg. 110x7x22.23mm. Applicable brass: Crimp type: Battery: Heavy duty carton. Bz-12.