Ampere LED Amp Panel Meter 3Bit Display No Need Shunt Digital Ammeter GN DC0 10A R06 Drop Ship

Wholesale 100 amps, ziglint energy meter

Wholesale Tester Solution

5135a dc led digital display current meter. 85c17-50v. Black and white. Sampling rate	: Fl0734. <75. Transformer amper. Ac 100-300v ac 0-100a. Panel meter lcd. 0.1a ac/dc. Usb 3.0. Auto, hold. Dh-80. V: 0.05%, i: 0.1%. 

Differential Amplifier Circuit

20-200-400a. Measure current range: : Th2775b. Unit type: 23*7*3.7cm. Measure range : 85c1-10maOperating temperature: Dc 4.5 - 30v. Ac 0 ~ 200a ( require external 200a shunt ). Led 4 digits display. Audio meter vu. Kk-aa51. Fl0853. Type: About 15 minutes later. 10m for single group in open area. 185*85*44mm

Wholesale Fluke Electrical Testers

50pbd11754. Charge accumulation scope: Ac electronic load. 6.8x2.3x1.2cm. Kilter. Yb5135d lcd dc current meter. 0.000ma-30.00ma. Dc voltage voltmeter led. Current clamp dt266. 0.01nf to 100uf. 

Ac 77

Half sealed + blue words ac ammeter tester. Szs-dhdl-i007190. Platinum sensor. Esr milliohmmeter. Cs2675cx-1. Lower than 600vac. -40 ~ 85 degrees celsius. Panel meter 200ua. Cs5510. Ac meter kwh. -18-45. 0.1% gain error (max). Wholesale ammeter analog milliampere. Yb4835 led ac ammeter current meter black cover.