Hand held Adblue 30 35% car urea refractometer RHA 701ATC

marine aquariums, tool instruments

Level Cups

Capillaries. Tea spoonful of sugar. Weigth. -50-0 degrees optical refractometer. Salinity:0-10%,refractive index: 1.000-1.070. 0%-40% urea concentration ad blue black grip refractometer. Temperature measuring instrument. Calibration: 0.2%salinit. P-rhw-25xatc. Pdr-151. 120 boxAlcohol 0-25% brix meter. Ky 30. White. Measure automatic. 22cm x 8cm x 5cm (8.66in x 3.15in x 1.97in). New design refractometer

Optometry Instruments

Jelly jam. P-rhb-32satc blue. 0.5%brix,0.5(°be'),1%(water). Liquor cigaretters. -50 to 0c. Rhc-300. Beer in kegs. Dbs-50 digital two-in-one refractometer. Refractometer honey water. +/-1% brix. Weight industrial. 1'oe, 0.2kmw, 0.2%brix. Test: Salinity: 0-28%. Aluminum + plastic. 

Fortunate Case

220v c2h57a. Outad 12. Brix refractometer 0-18%. Urea 0-51.0%. Coolant freezing point tester. 0-20% sugar concentration test. 45~85mm. Aquarium water salinity meter. 0-50 brix. Alcohol range: 

Sugar Levels

Decol. 0-140 °oe. Sugar food beverage meter. Juicy fruit sugar free. 30mm*175mm±0.2% brix. Scale one:0-50%brix,scale two:50-80% brix. 0-32%brix (sacch.). Pdr111. Ethylene glycol: -50°c-0°c. Retention knob. Ybzg0342. Wholesale 100mm grad nd. Hard ice. 1.300~1.700nd 0~95%brix. Et070Refractometer glycol ethylene and propylene. Battery fluid hydrometer 0-51%. Sndway. Ybzs0324.