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Aida Cross Stitch

Embroidery stand frame72.6 x 46.4 cm. Hand made. 20x31. Hs525. Pottery home decoration. Stitches: Goddess ocean. H677-15. Ra026. Christmas kit embroidery. Classes for sewing. Cross stitch kits embroidery needlework sets woman28*28cm. Dmc cross stitch. 0.1kg. 18/22/11/24/20colors. Clear pattern. Portrait dance under the rain french. 

Eagle Printed Cross Stitch Kits

17485. Wholesale plums cross stitch kit. 100% cotton. 68*15 cm. Counted cross stitch sunflower. Multi-pictures. Color: 27*39. 37cm*48cm. 20.7*20.7 cm. Women. Pink flower. 43.5 x 59.9 cm. 

Embroidering Canvas

1907/1256/1713/1910 stitches. Still life style cross stitch. The living room. 42*42 cm. F463 f025 f334 f345. Zd598:package: colored box. Stitch : As picture. Products: 25*33cm. Dmc cross stitch set. Frames : Wooden stitch. Cross stitch. F683-2. 67cm*37cm. H243-2. 

Cross Stitch Kit Silk

Figure magic. Antique. 66 stitches24*35cmKit waterfall. Animal-wolf cross stitch embroidery. 85*59cm. Unprinted cross stitch. Cross stitch couples. 15*15/26*21/24*39 cm. Animal cross stitch kits stamped36 colors. Aytai. Couples. Delicate and charming/three/love/pink/ferns and rosesThe tea pot. Folk cross stitch.